We believe that carefully selected toys and games are key to sparking creativity, play, learning and fun, and that an environment organised around how kids view the world is the ideal setting to feed imaginative minds. The Toy Store provides this inspiring space so that kids can immerse themselves in a world of play, storytelling, action and adventure. We want to ensure that every visit to The Toy Store is a great experience that will give kids and parents lasting, happy memories.

Our vision is underpinned by our values.

Play before you pay

We recognise it’s important for kids to have a genuine experience and to truly engage with their favourite characters and toys before you take them home. Our ‘play before you pay’ policy means that kids can fully interact with our toys before you make the decision to buy, meaning that you can be confident that whenever you purchase from us you’ll be getting real play value.

Range over volume

We know that our all our customers, young and old, want choice. We offer a broad range of toys and games, rather than stocking large volumes of the same products. The variety we offer means that there’s always something for everyone!

In-store entertainment

With demonstrations, competitions, live events, workshops, product launches, and other educational, interactive entertainment, we create unique in-store experiences for children and families.

Safety and security

Our store has been designed with the smallest of customers in mind. We pride ourselves on being completely child-friendly, with no sharp edges and specially designed counters and fittings, we ensure that kids can experience our stores and toys in complete safety and in a secure environment.

Customer service excellence

We know that customers are absolutely key to our success. We always aim to exceed your expectations, providing you not only with great toys and games, but great advice and expertise when you need it. And if you just need someone to demonstrate a toy or help you play with it, we’ll do that too!