What Makes Us Special

The Toy Store team, from the suppliers that we work with, to the store designers and in-store teams, all understand and work together to achieve our vision — that every visit to The Toy Store will be an exciting and inspirational experience, creating lasting memories that kids and their parents will want to revisit.

The Toy Store experience

Our stores are spaces for kids to lose themselves in their imagination. Our in-store entertainment is central to this vision. Characters-come-to-life, demonstrations, competitions, live events and product launches all make sure The Toy Store is always a dynamic and exciting and place to be. We also believe in ‘play before pay’ – that kids should have the opportunity to interact with toys and games in store, so that they can engage with them fully and ensuring that when they leave a store with a toy, it is something they’ve connected with and that will have lasting play value.

Our in-store team of toy gurus are highly trained in all the products we sell, as well as in customer service, and are dedicated to making sure each visit to the store is a happy one.

Our stores are designed with the child’s eye view in mind — they are exciting spaces for an in-store adventure, but they are also designed to be safe and secure environments for children and play. We apply the latest developments in retail environment design to ensure that we achieve the highest standards in customer experience.

It’s our attention to detail across all areas of our business – our toys, our stores, our team – that make visiting The Toy Store an experience you’ll want to return to again and again!