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Novelty Gadgets

With everything from cool key rings to bubble blowers, you’re sure to find something to delight your child. Let their curiosity run wild with our wide selection of novelty toys, such as Blink Time Bandz. You can invest in something that the whole family will enjoy, and get creative, with a toy like the Chill Factor Slushy Maker. Create slushies quickly and add a little extra to any type of drink, whether it’s juice, milk, chocolate or fizz!

Alternatively you can play some cheeky tricks on your friends with our Walkies Wall Walkers. They come in the shape of realistic insects and bugs to make even the calmest of people jump. They make fine stocking fillers too!

Tell the Time with Blink Bandz

Blink Time Bandz are ideal for children, especially if they lead an active lifestyle. They’ve been developed so that there’s nothing weighing the wearer down and are made from 100% silicone for comfort.

The Blink Time Bandz look like simple neon wrist bands, but with one press of a button the time lights up in LED. With no face to break or screen to scratch, learning to tell the time and stay active has never been easier.

Furthermore, the product is even clever enough to save battery power by automatically hiding the LED lights once the time has been displayed and relayed. After you press the button, the time will show for approximately seven seconds.

Make Everyone Laugh with an Airzooka

You can have bags of fun with the Airzooka. Point this hilarious handheld device at a friend or family member and fire a harmless ball of air their way. Then stand back and enjoy the merriment as their hair blows back or their shirt ruffles and they wonder how it happened. Don’t forget that since you’re firing air, you’ll always have a supply so you can reload and begin the fun all over again!

Pick up a fun gadget or gizmo at The Toy Store and get your family and friends rolling with laughter or simply admiring your style. With our fabulously fun toys and items from a range of brands, you can be the coolest kid on the block!