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Car Seats and Pushchairs

Having and raising a baby is a thrilling time for new mums and dads and you’ll be eager to create new memories with our families. At the same time, however, the issue of safety will also be at the back of your mind. You can secure this piece of mind with Britax travel safety equipment from The Toy Store when you’re on the move with your bundle of joy. With a range of pushchairs and car seats you can travel from place to place as a family safe in the knowledge that your baby is both safe and comfortable while you pay attention to the road or simply steer the pushchair. Some of this equipment also comes with free accessories such as car seat organisers, travel bags, kick mats or other items.

Safe Journeys

Having operated in the field of child safety for more than 40 years, Britax are experts in safety technology and are also at the forefront of developing the way in which a car seat is installed. The company has combined convenience and safety to products car seats that are easy to install and safe to use. Thanks to features such as 360 degree rotation, you can choose to place your baby forward or rear facing in the car and monitor their comfort levels more easily during the journey. Many of the seats feature ISOFIX safety, which connects car seats firmly and correctly to the vehicle itself.

Snug and Secure Pushchairs

Snug and lightweight, Britax pushchairs from The Toy Store make transporting your child around while you’re on foot much easier. The multi-position incline of many of the pushchairs, which includes lying flat, makes them perfect for new-born babies. Several of these pushchairs have features such as the one hand easy pull fold can help you to fold up and store away the pushchair with much less hassle. Meanwhile, with features like the 5 point safety harness, you can be sure that you’re pushing your baby round in the utmost safety.

Looking for a pushchair or car seat for your baby? Check out the range available at The Toy Store and ensure your child enjoys the comfort and safety they require, and you the peace of mind, for happy, worry free journeys.