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Toy Cars

Fans of toy vehicles will adore the superb range of toy cars and Disney Cars characters at The Toy Store. From die casts to race sets and car themed ball pits, there's something here for every young car or plane enthusiast.

Unlock Your Child’s Imagination with Disney Cars

Where will your child go today with Lightning McQueen and his international racing buddies? What adventures will they dream up for Dusty Crophopper and his soaring plane friends? The Toy Store's range of Disney Cars toys and activity sets stimulate the imagination and unlock your child's creative side. Kids quickly move from reliving favourite film moments to creating their own unique stories and play scenarios, and this is of great benefit for their emotional and mental development.

Skills Building with Toy Vehicles

Did you know that vehicle play is brilliant for helping your child's development? Your little one may think they're just having fun, but there are all kinds of ways that playing with cars and trucks offers real, tangible benefits.

Children develop fine motor skills and problem solving abilities when they manipulate toy cars, or put together tracks. For young kids, this isn't an easy task, but they also learn that persistence and patience pay off once the race track is ready and the fun can begin!

Gross motor skills get a workout too as your kids chase after their cars and create energetic stunts for them. As they play they will learn through observation; even simple discoveries like the fact that a toy car runs faster down a slope, or slower on carpet than on wood, will add up to cognitive learning benefits.

Car games are perfect for social interaction and teamwork, providing the opportunity for a bit of friendly competition. Let your children race their cars around a track with friends or siblings, and teach them that taking part is sometimes just as great as winning. They can enjoy themed grand prix settings with some of the play sets as well, travelling the world from London to Paris, Italy and beyond. 

Set your child's imagination free with some Disney Cars from The Toy Store today, and watch them race ahead in the game of life.