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Disney Princesses

Popular Disney films like Frozen, Beauty and The Beast or The Little Mermaid brought to life many characters taken from popular fairy tales. These enthralling stories have inspired a range of characters that continue to capture the imagination of children as they grow up. For those who adore the stories from these movies and their enchanting princess characters, we’ve a vast selection of Disney toys at The Toy Store. The versatile collection offers a range of fun and interactive toys that can become a complimentary set to delight fans of that special Disney movie magic.

Re-enact Disney Films

Our range of exceptional toys covers a wealth of popular Disney movies with intricate costumes, dolls, brightly coloured branded toys and special Disney Princess bikes. LEGO building sets themed around some of the princess characters also allows kids to build their own play sets inspired by their favourite characters.

You can retain the magic of the stories with princess costumes for dressing up as well as many other dresses and accessories from the popular Disney princess films. Just visit The Toy Store and choose your favourite princess doll and her accessories.

Games with Disney

It’s great fun entering the world of make believe, and with the Princess dolls from The Toy Store, kids can visit their favourite imaginary kingdom. Younger children will love playing with dolls of the characters from hit movie Frozen, and will be able to create their own tales as they sing along to the popular soundtrack. Look out for the 8” talking Princess Elsa doll for a special gift for fans of the Frozen film.

We don’t just specialise in dolls from Frozen. Take a look at our exceptional range of Disney toys for creative play. The selection includes toys inspired by classic films like Snow White or popular titles like Aladdin or Brave. For the all-important accessories, you’ll be able to source a beautiful tiara to match the princess outfit when a child is playing with their friends.

The Disney franchise is synonymous with magic, creativity and animated fantasy films. Take a look at the wide selection of all things Disney at The Toy Store and create your own dreams and stories