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Fun Learning with Fisher-Price Toys

A firm and long-serving favourite amongst parents of curious, adventurous toddlers and pre-schoolers, Fisher-Price toys encourage little ones to explore and discover the world around them with its colourful, educational toys.

Fisher-Price toys aim to give kids the best possible start to their learning and more than 5 000 different toys have been produced by the brand since the company launched. Today, parents have all kinds of options at their disposal. Entertaining and educating children will never have seemed easier, with newer toys like the Fisher-Price Jumperoo, as well as classic Fisher-Price toy sets.

Action figures, animal figures, role play vehicles and farm play sets all focus on a child’s natural curiosity, stimulating their imagination and encouraging them to get creative. Fisher-Price toys such as baby gyms, rattles, stacking blocks and the Laugh & Learn educational range promote discovery, aid a child’s natural development and educate in a fun and entertaining manner. Fisher-Price has even created a learning chair for kids! And with all your kids’ favourite characters, like Dora the Explorer and long-time favourites Thomas and Friends, your kids can learn alongside some of their very best pals.

The Fisher-Price Jumperoo

The interactive, colourful Fisher-Price Jumperoo helps to build vital motor skills and allows baby to practice using their legs in a safe, controlled environment until they’re ready to walk.

Rewarding baby with lights, sounds and music, the Fisher-Price Jumperoo stimulates the senses and, as it’s adjustable and grows with your baby, this is an activity toy that really does last. Engaging rainforest designs capture and maintain your baby’s attention, and with a unique space-saving version available, the Fisher-Price Jumperoo is ideal for even the smallest of homes. This is also a free-standing toy, so you can keep all your doorways clear and go about your business while baby bounces around!

Fisher-Price Jumperoos are a popular Fisher-Price toy, so don’t delay! Get your hands on one of these Fisher-Price toys at The Toy Store today and watch your kids laugh, learn, play, explore and discover. This amazing sensory toy that’s as educational as it is fun and seeing them moving and gurgling with delight is a wonderful experience, so have your camera ready to capture these magical moments!