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Thrills and Spills with Hot Wheels Toys

Turn your home into an exhilarating international speedway with Hot Wheels toys that bring the excitement of racetracks and the stunt world to your home. From jaw-dropping stunts and loop-the-loops to photo finish races and nailbiting rallies, one thing’s for sure — Hot Wheels games aren’t just for kids!

Hot Wheels are renowned for their enthralling racetrack sets and rally sets. Using exclusive track builder pieces, you and your kids can create your very own challenging course, with hairpin turns, steep climbs and huge jumps that have you on the edge of your seat. Younger children will love the thrills of Hot Wheels playsets like the Police Pursuit Hot Wheels game which generate terrific excitement and are tremendous fun.

The thrill of Hot Wheels toys isn’t just in the tracks and the playsets, it’s in the cars themselves too. Whether you’ve always wanted to try out a quick-as-a-flash Moto Racer or just fancy seeing how well a simple Dodge would handle those tricky bends, you’ll have plenty of choice with the Hot Wheels vehicle assortments.

While adults will love the real life, authentic collector’s editions, kids will flock to the themed sets, including Marvel superheroes, Star Wars and even Disney Cars. Imagine the fun they’ll have racing with Jeff Corvette, Miguel Camino and the star of the show Lightning McQueen. Don’t forget, the Truckin’ Transporters can carry several Hot Wheels vehicles, so if you’re on the move you’re not just restricted to your most trusted vehicle!

Hot Wheels Toys: More Than Just Cars

When you think of Hot Wheels games, you tend to think of racetracks, rally sets and vehicles, but the Hot Wheels brand is more diverse than meets the eye. Not only can you purchase amazing diecast figurines of your favourite cars — and planes! — but you can enjoy some outdoors play and impress your friends with a ride on your Hot Wheels bike or Hot Wheels.

With safety gear such as helmets also available from Hot Wheels, your kids can bring the action of the racetrack to their own garden, challenging friends to the top of the leaderboard. Check out The Toy Store’s range of Hot Wheels toys today and marvel at the stunts!