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JD Bug

Kids love to move and what better way to give them that freedom than on a trendy scooter? We stock a wide range of JD Bug scooters to suit kids of different ages, from curious preschoolers to adventurous teens.

Kidz Swayer – the Ultimate Seated Scooter

JD Bug’s innovative Kidz Swayer sit down scooter has taken the world by storm. Children as young as three love the innovative design of this cool machine, which is propelled as the child makes a swaying motion while seated. Very easy to drive and quick to get the hang of, the Kidz Swayer can easily pick up speed and perform spot turns, twists and tricks too as children gain more confidence.

With a sturdy steel frame and comfortable plastic saddle, the Swayer has soft handles for your child’s comfort. Children riding a Swayer get an important early taste of freedom and independence, and of course it’s good for their fitness too. Your kids will love to play outdoors and race against their friends.

Once your child is ready to progress to a stand up scooter, JD Bug’s Cool Carver range of three wheeled scooters is perfect for beginners and for children aged 5+. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, the Carver has an alloy frame and robust plastic deck.

JD Bug Scooters for Older Kids and Teens

For fearless tweens and teens, you can’t beat the JD Bug Xtreme Reason range of scooters. These trendy scooters are for kids aged eight and over who have mastered scooter riding and want the freedom to show off their speed and their tricks. With strong alloy frames and steel brakes these scooters can carry a maximum weight of 100kg – your kids will love riding them around the neighbourhood, and it’s a fabulous form of exercise too.

For the super adventurous how about a Power Surfer skateboard? Suitable for ages eight and above, these skateboards have a pioneering design to match your child’s abilities.

JD Bug was the company behind the original micro scooter trend, and today they are still at the cutting edge of innovative scooter design. Their pioneering products have encouraged children’s mobility right around the world.

If you want a scooter for your kids, why not choose the best? Pick one out from The Toy Store range today, or take a look at some of our other outdoor products.