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Lalaloopsy Dolls

Ever since they were launched, the Lalaloopsy dolls have delighted children worldwide with their styling, personalities and story. These dolls are very special rag dolls that came to life when their last stitch was sown. They live in a fantastical world, filled with tangerine skies, teapot homes and strawberry rivers, and they absolutely love to play! Here at The Toy Store we stock a huge range of Lalaloopsy dolls, playsets and accessories, so your children can create a whimsical world all of their own.

Magical Lalaloopsy Dolls

Each of the core 13" large Lalaloopsy dolls has a personality inspired by the fabric she was created from. For instance, Crumbs Sugar Cookie is made from a baker’s apron and loves to cook, while sleepyhead Pillow Featherbed was made from a baby's blanket. Each doll has a special individual costume with removable dress and shoes to encourage fashion play. Lalaloopsy dolls also come with their own pet.

Your children will love to play make believe with their Lalaloopsy dolls, but this isn't just play — it's encouraging your child's imagination and creative skills, as well as inspiring compassion and nurturing qualities. You can combine different accessories and Lalaloopsy playsets to create a whole realm of possibilities for storytelling, active play and cognitive development while having fun with your child. On a sunny day, children can even take their Lalaloopsy doll out in their own little stroller.

For Tiny Tots — How About a Lalaloopsy Baby Doll?

The original Lalaloopsy doll range inspired the creation of the Lalaloopsy Babies range. Each Lalaloopsy baby doll comes with a bottle in the shape of her pet and a hat that reflects the doll’s personality. The dolls also have a character-specific print on their body fabric and are perfect for tiny tots — your little one will quickly become inseparable from her doll!

Other Lalaloopsy dolls at the Toy Store include Tinies, Minis, Ponies, Girls Crazy, Loopy Hair and Ooopsies, which all have that extra cute factor. You can buy a boat or even their very own castle for the Minis, while you can groom your Ponies and take extra special care of your Girls Grazy, Loopy Hair and Tinies. They just love to be spoilt!

Visit The Toy Store and treat your child to the magic of Lalaloopsy Land with a Lalaloopsy doll today.