LEGO Minecraft

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LEGO Minecraft

Help your child build a LEGO structure that will protect the whole family against the nocturnal monsters that come out to play. Or let the kids try joining the bricks together independently so you can get on with the housework…

Whether you choose to be a part of the play or not, LEGO Minecraft is sure to keep your little ones entertained for hours. There are several Minecraft sets to pick from, and you can combine these and re-use them time and time again to create unique structures and clever hiding places.

Minecraft Sets

Mix and match sets to create awesome LEGO shelters, structures and farms that mirror the popular PlayStation game Minecraft.

The Minecraft Papercraft Overworld Deluxe Set features signature characters and items from the video game, and contains easy-to-build paper sections with stickers included for decoration and customisation. Other Papercraft sets are also available from The Toy Store, including Snow Set and the original Minecraft Set.

The famed LEGO Minecraft The Mine is also an impressive set, but this time includes LEGO building blocks. Complete with a Steve mini-figure, weapons, armour, helmet, pickaxe, bow, sword and accessories such as torches and trees, the set incorporates clever functions, like the rock face, which has an explosion button.

LEGO Minecraft The First Night mimics the first stage of the Minecraft video game and is designed for children who love to build and play. Again, this set includes a Steve mini-figure with a weapon and assorted accessories. The removable garden roof can double-up as an exterior play area, and there’s a creeper and pig for authenticity.

Seriously Creative

If you’re looking for a more creative set, there’s always the LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box, which has been designed so that it can be built differently eight separate times. It contains a guide on how to do so, a periodic table so kids can identify the Minecraft elements and 521 assorted LEGO pieces. This is the chance to let your child’s imagination really get to work and create their very own world with the set.

Take a look at The Toy Store selection of Minecraft sets and accessories today for a solid introduction to Minecraft or simply to expand an existing set. Then let the creative fun and games begin!