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My Little Pony Toys

The cute, friendly world of My Little Pony by Hasbro has been around since 1983. Generations of children have grown up having adventures with these sweet toy ponies. With their long, flowing manes and colourful bodies these ponies are as beautiful to look at as they are for kids to play with. You too can let your child immerse yourself in the world of My Little Pony

Enjoying the My Little Pony Range

At The Toy Store, we stock the ponies themselves, the Equestria dolls range and a variety of My Little Pony playsets and accessories. Each My Little Pony has a name that matches their personality and their own individual ‘cutie mark’ stamped on them. Most of the ponies have adorable, brushable manes and tails and a brush to match. Some also come with pets, hairstyling accessories or clothes, jewellery and tiaras, allowing your child to personalise their My Little Pony as they play.

These ponies from Hasbro are fun to collect and your child will enjoy seeing the collection grow and grow. Each new pony that joins the stable creates the opportunity for even more fun and play. At the same time, by taking care of their My Little Pony as well as playing with it, your child will develop a sense of responsibility and learn values such as caring and compassion.

Your child’s passion for My Little Pony will make gift buying for them easy too. You might even want to buy some My Little Pony collectables as investments for the future.

Double the Fun with My Little Pony Playsets

Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends live in a magical world, and your children can bring it to life with a My Little Pony playset. From carriages to fashion sets, these playsets contain accessories and play scenarios galore. And now with the My Little Pony dress up outfits and jewellery selection, your little one can look and feel glamorous and be fully immersed in the fun of the My Little Pony experience for hours at a time, .

Make your child’s day. Pick up a new My Little Pony friend from The Toy Store and introduce them to a new world of play.