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Fun Battles with the Nerf Range

Duck and cover! Nerf blasters are bigger, better and more powerful than ever before. These air-powered, action-packed play guns from Hasbro promise long range firing distances, unrivalled accuracy and hours and hours of fun for girls, boys and even adults!

With darts made from soft and lightweight foam, you, your kids and all their friends can have epic battles inside or out of doors. These Nerf dart guns are safe to use, but really give your little ones the true excitement and adrenaline of being out on the battlefield. Play indoors with classic Nerf blasters, or take the action outside with Nerf water guns for even more adventure.

Enjoy the dual action fun of the 2-in-1 Nerf guns, the most robust Nerf guns to date. With the ability to shoot two types of ammo at your target at the same time, you can be sure your missiles will always hit the target.

Nerf guns are great for encouraging your kids to get creative and use their imagination to create their very own combat zone with their own rules and regulations, but Nerf’s fine range of role play collections, such as the Zombie range, add intensity and authenticity to the scene, giving your kids an ultimate goal — to get rid of the zombies!

Meanwhile, girls will love the Nerf Rebelle range, with its colourful pinks and purples. They will be able to engage in Nerf combat and blast everything in sight alongside friends, brothers and sisters.  

Nerf Water Games

Nerf water games are a fun and exhilarating way to get your kids outside during the hot summer weather. They will race to get away from Nerf super soakers and tidal tubes that could leave them dripping from head to toe.

The water range is impressively diverse, with everything from Nerf water guns to water bows. Boys and girls alike can mimic their favourite characters, from Marvel’s Two-Gun kid to Disney’s Princess Merida at the Highland Games. Be ready for fun battles this summer and buy your Nerf water guns, water games, blasters and dart refills from The Toy Store today.