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Rainbow Loom

The rainbow loom craze is still going strong, and here at The Toy Store we have everything your kids will need to get creative with these tiny coloured rubber bands.

Designed in 2011 by Cheong Choon Ng, rainbow loom products quickly became must-have arts and craft toys around the world. Essentially, rainbow loom is a method for linking small coloured bands together to make jewellery, bracelets, charms and other items, either with the use of a loom, or just with your fingers. It's an addictive hobby and many children love the satisfaction of creating something attractive all by themselves.

What's in a Rainbow Loom Kit?

The basic rainbow loom kit comes with a loom, a bag of C-clips, a bag of around 600 mixed colour rubber bands, and instructions for making simple bracelets. You can make around 24 bracelets from a basic kit.

Once your kids have got the idea, they might want to expand their skills, and here at The Toy Store we have a great range of rainbow loom products. Choose a different type of loom, such as the Loominator, or get to grips with finger packs, which don't require a loom at all. Loom bands come in dozens of colours, and you can also buy patterns and other related craft kits – the perfect gift for a rainbow loom enthusiast.

Using the Colored Bands

What your children can create with their rainbow loom colored bands is limited only by their imaginations. Once they've mastered the basics, they'll be able to create hair accessories, hats, bags, animals, figures and flowers – you name it, it's probably possible to rainbow loom it.

Rainbow loom toys are not just creative and fun – while making bracelets or other items, your child is learning patience and perseverance. Younger children will also be fine tuning their motor skills, and once your child moves on to creating their own patterns, they're also practicing visualisation. Loom bands have become a social activity, and joining in with friends will help to boost your child's social skills.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a creative child, pick up a rainbow loom kit in-store or online at The Toy Store today. Whether your child likes neon yellow, glitter pink, or metallic blue, they will find a colour that suits their preferences.