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Razor Products

Incredible innovation, leading edge design and high quality materials have allowed Razor to turn the world of children’s outdoor toys on its head. Today the range of ride-on toys from Razor will occupy some of the top spots in any list of bestsellers. And the future looks even brighter for this inspiring toy manufacturer, with new models coming out all the time.

The roots of Razor show this is a brand that knows exactly what it means to create the toys children want, but which still provides the quality that parents expect too. With their pro stunt team inspiring future generations to get out and get active, if your child hasn’t got a Razor, then it’s definitely time they did.

Get on Board a Razor Scooter

As well as looking incredible, Razor scooters are extremely versatile. From their new range of electric scooters through to the manually driven Powerwing, these toys will inspire your children to try something new, and look terrific in the act. If your children want to carve up the corners and drift like a pro, the Razor Rift Scooter is all they need. However, if your children still require a little extra confidence the Junior Lil Kick offer extra stability and wider wheels to get your child moving. For a child’s first scooter the Kuties Unicorn or the Kuties Cowboy is always a winner, and when your child isn’t scooting, the front comes off to make a fine hobby horse.

These Razor kids scooters will encourage your child to get active and, at the same time, improve their sense of balance and coordination. Not only that, they’ll enhance their general fitness.

Four Wheels Instead of Two!

When your child wants to go one step further than the traditional ride-on, Razor has exactly the thing for your child. No kid is ever going to want to be without the Ground Force Drifter Kart. If your budget stretches to a Dirt Quad or Crazy Cart then there’s no doubt they are going to love you forever.

These are the toys that are going to make your child stand out from the crowd. They’ll be top dog on any type of track.

Buy a Razor product from The Toy Store and give your child the ride of their life.