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Shopkins are miniature grocery items including cakes, laundry detergents and even make up items, and they are the latest trend to hit the shelves. These collectable items from Moose Toys are a must-have for any child who loves to go shopping. Cute and tiny, Shopkins will get your kids interested in collecting them without these toys taking up too much space in your home. Will your children manage to find an entire set?

Shopkins Blind Bags: What Will Your Kids Get?

If your kids love open blind bags and the thrill of discovering what’s inside them, then they’ll love Shopkins. With Shopkins hiding in every little pink shopping basket, opening the toy is almost as fun as playing with it! Along with the two Shopkins, each basket contains a Shopkins shopping list, which shows a picture of every Shopkins in the season. Your kids can use this list to see which toys they’re missing, and can also see if their new Shopkins are common or rare, or if they are the much-sought after special edition toys which have amazing features such as glitter or metallic finishes.

Do you know someone else collecting Shopkins? Great! If your kids open a duplicate, they can swap with their friends. They can also enjoy comparing collections with them.

Even More Fun with Shopkins Playsets

You can also buy Shopkins playsets that transform collecting into a fun game. There are many different Shopkins playsets available, including sets which feature cute storage shelves for displaying the toys and sets with tiny purple shopping bags. These bags allow your kids to experience a more realistic shopping experience where they can transfer their Shopkins from the shopping basket to the bag to take home with them after a trip to the store.

The great thing about these playsets is that many come with non-hidden Shopkins, so if your child is missing a certain character, you can make sure they get the toy they need to complete their collection. There are more than 140 little Shopkins to collect in the Season 2 range alone, so your kids will have plenty of fun trying to collect the whole set.

Let your kids get their hands on a Shopkins basket and start their collection. Place your order with The Toy Store today.