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Smoby Toys

French company Smoby is a go-to brand for children's outdoor toys, including playhouses, slides and ride-ons. A trusted brand name for over three decades, Smoby understands what children need from a garden toy — and what parents need from it too!

Healthy Outdoor Fun with a Smoby Slide

From the smallest and simplest slides for toddlers to bigger, more complex slides with twists and turns for older children, Smoby have it covered. Smoby slides are available in a wide range of sizes and bold, bright colours — colours which won't fade in the sun, as anti-UV protection is standard on these products.

Having a slide in the garden provides hours of fun for children. Climbing up is invaluable physical exercise and helps to strengthen muscles, bones and co-ordination. Slides stimulate imagination too — before you know it, your little ones will have turned it into a mountain, a fairy castle or a fortress. On hot summer days, a hosepipe can turn it into a waterslide which lands in your paddling pool — the possibilities are endless.

Creative Role Play with a Smoby Playhouse

A home of their very own — a Smoby playhouse will provide years of imaginative play for any child. Well designed, robust and appealing, Smoby playhouses stimulate endless make-believe possibilities for your child, and encourage sociable play. Whether your child is cooking up a storm in the playhouse kitchen, or defending it from oncoming pirates — it will quickly become a much loved and essential part of your garden.

Role play is known to be important in a child's mental development, and a playhouse provides ample opportunities for your child to develop creative and physical skills, as well as to learn about the world around them by simulating real world activities.

Other Smoby products

It’s not all slides and playhouse at The Toy Store, however. Other Smoby products that will get your child into the swing of active play include scooters, tricycles and ride-ons. Kids will have a ball on these in the outdoors.

Turn your garden into play paradise by choosing a Smoby toy today from The Toy Store. Whether it’s a Smoby slide, playhouse or other fun toy, your child is guaranteed years of enjoyment.