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Star Wars Toys

The legend lives on for a whole new generation with the incredible range of Star Wars Toys at The Toy Store. Thanks to the introduction of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Wars toys have never been more popular and our range ensures you never have to go anywhere else.

Star Wars Toys for Boys and Girls

Thanks to the introduction of some very strong female characters in Star Wars 7, this series has continued its tradition of being an inclusive universe for both boys and girls.

Here at The Toy Store, we have everything from electronic light sabers and mini figures to limited edition movie memorabilia and My Size models, to help bring your child's favourite characters to life, no matter their gender.

Your children can experience the new style Millennium Falcon first-hand or use our range of Star Wars fancy dress to become part of the action. Even if you, yourself, weren’t a fan of the series in the past, this new wave of Star Wars toys offers a fantastic opportunity to learn about the legacy, allowing your whole family to join in the fun.

The Lego Star Wars Revolution

The collaboration between Lego and Star Wars means that this intergalactic adventure is now open to an even younger audience.

While many young children will not want to play with Star Wars motion sensors and Darth Vadar voice changers, the Lego franchise provides a whole range of toys that are perfect for the younger Stormtrooper.

As your child grows, the Lego grows with them, enabling them to create their own spaceships and battleships, ensuring they are ready to take on the baddies that fire their imagination. Small Lego Star Wars sets make the perfect stocking filler, while larger sets are the perfect birthday or Christmas gift. And even when kids are not building the next Naboo Starfighter, the joy of Lego is that it can be used to build anything, giving them the freedom to truly explore. You can’t run and you can’t hide, so enter the world of Star Wars at The Toy Store and find the Force in you.