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Strider Bikes

Strider bikes are a true innovation. The brand has sold more than one million bikes, and thousands of children have learnt how to ride a bike by starting with a Strider. Buy your child a Strider bike from The Toy Store and let your child’s fun adventures in cycling begin. The bikes enable them to learn to cycle safely, without the fear of falling. 

No Need for Stabilisers with a Strider Bike

The principle behind Strider bikes is simple — between the age of 18 months and 5 years, a child learns to ride on one of these simple no pedal bikes. With no pedals to distract them, the child quickly and easily learns to balance on the bike — and this means a seamless transition to a ‘big bike’ when they are old enough.

Imagine missing out the whole frustrating stabiliser phase — your child will just go from their Strider bike to a normal bicycle with pedals, since the bike has already resolved the big issue of balance.

The Go-Anywhere Stylish Children's Bicycle

A Strider bicycle is rugged, tough and suitable for all terrain. The more ups and down and bumps your little one can negotiate on their bike, the better! Strider is a lightweight bicycle, easy transported on family outings, and it's available in a wide range of eye catching colours.

While playing on their Strider bicycle, your child will be developing important balance and co-ordination skills, which will not only help with riding a real bike later, but with all kinds of physical tasks as they grow up. Being able to ride also fosters a sense of independence — there's nothing quite like having transport for giving a child their wings! This increase in confidence is usually reflected elsewhere in your child's life too, so an investment in a Strider bike gives excellent pay offs whichever way you look at it.

Whether you buy a balance bike as your child's first bike, or just for fun, these robust first bikes for children will give years of pleasure and can be passed down to your younger children too as each child grows out of it. Browse the range in The Toy Store today and let your child experience the joys of cycling.