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Sylvanian Families

Loved by children around the world since 1985, the Sylvanian Families range comprises dozens of cute, adorable animal characters and their collectable homes, shops, furniture, outfits and accessories.

Kids love the Sylvanian Families toys because of their tactile nature and the endless imaginative ways to play with them. Children love to change the characters' outfits, re-arrange the furniture, decorate the homes and build entire play scenes. The collectable and connectable nature of Sylvanian Families means that these are toys with the longevity factor, suitable for a wide age range.

Sylvanian Family Playsets for Added Value

Get your children started on the Sylvanian Family adventure with a playset that will offer them hours of fun. Each playset is carefully designed to encourage a love of nature, sociable play and traditional values. It’s a winning combination and this nostalgic toy is a firm favourite with parents as well as with youngsters.

Each Sylvanian Families character has a movable head and limbs so that kids can set them up as they’d like to; and removable clothing too, so children can dress them up the way they want to. Choose from multiple types of cats, dogs, bears, rabbits and mice — the family even includes hedgehogs and sea otters. The Sylvanian Families playsets have a variety of homes for the families and your child has the fun of creating fun situations and taking the families through them, such as parties and days at the beach. They can even go out for a drive in the family car!

Collect the Entire Sylvanian Families Range

Whether you want a major toy for a special gift or just a little something as a treat, there’s so much to choose from in the Sylvanian Families range that you're sure to pick out something perfect. At The Toy Store, we stock an enormous variety of characters, buildings, accessories, outfits and furniture, and with the Sylvanian Families range your child will be able to cultivate values and have fun at the same time.

When you're looking for a simple, traditional toy which will bring years of pleasure, you can't go wrong with a cute and cuddly Sylvanian family. Browse the selection at The Toy Store and discover the joys of Sylvania for your family.