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Transformer Toys

It’s a war which has been raging for decades, but now your kids can play their part too. At The Toy Store we stock a wide range of Transformers action figures, toys and accessories. Whether your children are on the side of the Autobots or the Decepticons, the battle is sure to a hard-fought one. Your kids will be able to turn any situation into a fun one with Transformer toys.

Active Imaginative Play with Transformers

Transformers figures are ‘robots in disguise’, each able to shift from being a vehicle or animal into being an awesome robotic action figure, and back again. The Transformers storyline has captured children’s imagination for decades and this is a story which shows no signs of finishing yet. Let your kids continue the Transformers tradition and become part of a whole new generation of fans.

With these robot action figures, your children can battle for the world, playing as the Autobot’s leader Optimus Prime or the evil Megatron of the Decepticons and any number of other characters from the Transformers world. Anything is possible in the world of play with a Transformer.

Play with action figures is known to increase a child’s social skills and imagination. The actual transformation of the figures from one state to another also helps to develop your child’s motor skills too.

The Battle Gets Personal with Battlemasters

Battlemasters are Transformers spin-off toys with huge appeal. Two Transformers figures are included in each pack. These fit onto hand held controllers and you child can then control their chosen figure as they strike and do battle with their opponent. Battlemasters encourages a healthy sense of competition in kids, and it’s also huge fun.

The fun doesn’t stop with the action figures and Battlemasters. Give your child the ultimate chance to enter into the Transformers universe with our selection of Transformers costumes and mask. Kids will love dressing up as the formidable Optimum Prime or his sidekick Bumblebee. Interactive play like this builds a child’s confidence and presence and they’ll surprise you continuously with new game scenarios born from fertile imaginations!

Get your kids involved today with a Transformers toy from The Toy Store and join the battle for earth!