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Trash Pack Play Set

The highly creative Trash Pack play sets are collections of figurines that ‘belong in your garbage’. Trashies represent all things disgusting, so your children can get their hands dirty—without actually getting their hands dirty!

Meet the Trash Pack Characters

Introduce your child to the Trash Pack collectables, otherwise known as Trashies, ‘the grossest gang in your garbage’. Not only will they keep them occupied, they open up a world of fun and a massive community for play.

Series 1 of the Trash Pack collection contains 166 creepy characters, all inside fluorescent green cans that glow in the dark. Series 2 brought in an extra 169 trashy trashies, with the metallic Astro Trash and Fuzzy being special editions.

Series 3 is next on the list for collection and holds a further 166 characters. With larger cans and even more extravagant designs, this Trash Pack series wasn’t labelled ‘the coolest trashies yet’ for no reason!

Series 4 is already the most popular of all, with more trashies than ever before! The pack contains Wheelie Bins instead of Trash Cans for its characters and has five limited editions, which are Liquid Ooze packs.

The most common trashies include Rancid Steak, Putrid Sardine, Stench Fries, Grott Dog and Slop Corn, but if you’re looking for something exclusive, watch out for Dead Tyre, Wasted Banana, Sludge Can and Spew-Shi.

Introducing The Junk Truck

The Junk Truck is the perfect playing accompaniment to the products from the Trash Pack series. Your child can operate the crane, collect the garbage and throw the trashies into the awesome Trash Compactor.

This product is multifunctional, doubling up as a fun mini play set complete with a launcher! Keep this secret until the Junk Truck fun wears off, and you’ll surely see the benefits of combining two products into one.

With a whole load of fun for kids to have, free online computer games that keep the fun coming and a chance to collect and log teams of trashies with friends, your children will learn the value of objects and begin to understand trading on a small scale while having a blast at the same time.

Buy some Trashies collectibles today at The Toy Store and let your child get messy without actually getting messy, and browse our other categories for even more toys they’ll love.