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Outdoor Furniture for Kids

From sand pits and paddling pools through to arts, crafts, sports and role play, the right outdoor furniture can bring your kids hours of entertainment. Our exciting range of furniture for kids has been specifically designed to cater for smaller people.

Outdoor Furniture Crafted For Kids

Children’s bench sets and garden furniture are crafted to exactly the right height for your child and are designed to enable your child to be able to sit comfortably with their feet firmly planted on the floor, ensuring they can sit and play in comfort, whilst also reducing the risk of accidents.

Our storage benches and outdoor tables are within easy reach of children of all ages, ensuring your entire family can have all the fun they want when playing outside and that no one is left out. Choose from hard wearing plastic outdoor furniture for kids which can be hosed down when things get too mucky, or opt for more natural wooden sets which can add aesthetic appeal to your garden living space.

Multi-Functioning Children's Furniture Adds Another Dimension

Much of the outdoor furniture available at the Toy Store has more than one use. A table may turn into a sandpit or water play area. Chairs become fully portable for camping, or a bench may have hidden storage to ensure maximum utility for your outdoor space.

You can mix watery fun and creativity with paints with highly functional children’s furniture, meaning messy play can happen far away from your favourite carpets and walls – ensuring your child gets some fresh air, and you get to keep a clean home.

Garden furniture for kids is the perfect present for Christmas or a wonderful birthday gift for a lucky child or grandchild. High quality and expert craftsmanship means that this furniture is built to last, offering families the kind of toy that will entertain an entire generation. These sets will give your child a place to start their adventures from and a place to rest when they are done. It’s effective, reliable and the difference it can make to your children’s playtime is simply incredible. When you want to give your children the opportunity to explore everything the world has to offer, buying your kids outdoor furniture from The Toy Store is an essential first step.