Rewards Club

It’s Fun and it’s Rewarding!

Collect 1 Token for every 1 AED (or any currency) you spend each time you shop and use your Rewards Club Account in store, or online. Once you start building your Tokens, you can use them to get money off future purchases with us. 100 Tokens is equivalent to 1 AED off future purchases.
The Toy Store Rewards Club is available at our stores and online internationally, and is free to join!

Join the Club

There are two ways to sign-up to the Rewards Club online. If you already have been given a card in store then you can bind that card number to your online account. If you are applying for a new membership then you can fill out your details and we will send a card in the post. In both cases you can start earning Tokens online straight away. You must be a member of The Toy Store online and logged-into your account to sign-up.

More information on the club

You can build up Tokens on each purchase, but also watch out for special promotions where you can earn Bonus Points which convert to Tokens! The amount of Tokens you earn per Bonus Points will vary depending on the currency you are shopping in.

You can select the currency you are going to shop in (as your “base currency”) for collecting rewards. We have introduced two different units of rewards;

Tokens and Points

Tokens will be given on all purchases per whole unit of currency you spend. E.g. if an item is 150 AED, you will earn 150 tokens. Collect Tokens each time you shop and use your Rewards Club in store, or online.

Points will be given at Promotional Periods and convert to Tokens. E.g. you may see a promotion for 1000 extra points on Outdoor Toys.

Unlike Tokens, The Toy Store Rewards Points have the same redemption value irrespective of the currency you shop in. The points will be converted to Tokens in your selected Rewards Club Account currency, and added to your account.

The following table shows the conversion of how many points you need for 1 Token;

Base Currency Points required for 100 Tokens