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Race Track Set

Children can play together with a range of our manually boosted racetrack sets from Hot Wheels, all of which are high performance and have different themes, tracks and cars. Many of the sets can be combined, meaning that kids can get together with friends to create the ultimate track and race day!

Watch them race through fires and flames with the Hot Wheels Volcano Race Track Set, or hit high toy speeds with the Hot Wheels City Speed Junction play set, which comes with a realistic Pit Stop Station for repairs.

Teach your children about motor sports and road safety, while joining in on the fun that can be had with our collection of racetrack sets for ages 4 and above.

Remote Control Toys

For those that prefer the freedom of being off-track, The Toy Store also offers a number of remote control cars. Most of the cars come with rechargeable battery packs, including our most popular Toy Store Remote Control Infinity Qx54 1:14 car. It has ready to run lights and hits speeds of 15km/h. Suitable for 5+ years.

Other similar toys, such as the Toy Store Remote Control G55 AMG 1:14 and Porsche Cayenne 1:14 are great entertainers for children with a keen interest in cars and can even act as collectables for kids of all ages.

Trains and Planes

Trains and planes are traditional children’s toys that have been around for decades. With so much affection for Thomas The Tank Engine and Jay Jay The Jet Plane, it’s hard for children to resist. Put a speedy train or soaring plane in their hands and you’ll soon have one or more young drivers or captains whizzing around the house — sounds included!

In fact, most of our trains and planes have exciting twists and clever new functions, such as the popular Air Hogs Heli Repeat. It lets you control the vehicle, record and play back your flight. With a remote control for the captain, an on-board electronic control system that keeps the helicopter steady when flying and a built-in camera for the fun of it, the Air Hogs Heli Repeat is one of many examples of how The Toy Store can offer updated traditional toy trains and planes for young children in the 21st century.

Buy a race track set or remote control car at The Toy Store and let your children experience the thrills without the danger.