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LEGO Storage Solutions

Most kids love LEGO, but all parents hate tidying up the little bricks, or tripping over them. What if you had a funky LEGO storage solution that would actually encourage the kids to put their bricks away? What if you could collect several of them and create something really fun? Enter the LEGO storage brick range – storage that doubles as a toy.

Over-size LEGO Brick Boxes

LEGO storage boxes are shaped like the iconic LEGO bricks and you can choose different sizes depending on your preferences. Inside, each box is roomy enough to store hundreds of LEGO pieces safely. The storage bricks can be stacked, just like real LEGO bricks, so your kids can build walls, towers and all kinds of designs, livening up their bedrooms and keeping clutter at bay.

These LEGO boxes are ideal not only for storing LEGO, but also for hiding away all kinds of toys, games and other bits and pieces. Available in classic LEGO colours, or in funky modern colours, you can mix and match to your heart’s content. There are even giant mini-figure head boxes that will certainly make a statement.

The boxes are made of durable, glossy plastic, with fitted lids, and they will stand up to a lot of use. Capacity depends on the size of box you choose, but even the smaller boxes are big enough to store several LEGO sets or a useful assortment of other toys.

Why not use LEGO storage boxes instead of traditional under-bed storage? Or let the kids loose to create freestyle storage designs they’ll be keen to actually use. No more nagging for tidying up, no more losing LEGO pieces or finding strays around the house – these boxes are the ideal solution for any LEGO fan. As novelty storage solutions, these iconic boxes will stand the test of time.

LEGO Storage Boxes for Interior Design

With their fun, funky and retro look, LEGO storage boxes are a popular choice for storage around the house, not just in the playroom. Quirky, colourful and highly practical, these officially licensed storage boxes have uses limited only by your own imagination. Choose your LEGO storage boxes from The Toy Store today!