Movie Memorabilia

Movie Memorabilia

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Movie Memorabilia

Children love seeing films come to life, which is why our movie memorabilia is so popular. We have masks, helmets, full-body armour and accessories that mirror the exact costumes of characters from the Star Wars movies.

Dress your kids up for Halloween or fancy dress parties with our replica helmets and armour suits from the Star Wars collection. Your kids can show off their acting skills as the Dark Lord or a stormtrooper in the living room, or pretend to be an X-wing pilot in the garden. Whatever the reason for searching for movie memorabilia, The Toy Store will deliver only the best.

Replica Helmets

Ready-to-wear out of the box, our replica helmets are awesome items for any fancy dress occasion or acting session! Kids can be their favourite movie character for the day, battling against friends on the opposing team.

The Dark Lord Head can be worn in action, or placed somewhere special in your collection using the brushed metal plaque stand. Thanks to the high-tech materials, this handmade helmet weighs little, while still delivering quality entertainment for your child.

Another collectable product is the ANH Hero Helmet, which can also be worn for trooping duties or displayed as part of your memorabilia. The ANH Hero Helmet is cast from the original 1976 mould and looks like a mirror-image of the one seen on the big screen.

Costume Finishing Touches

Don’t let your child leave for battle without the finishing touches. Accessories such as the E11 Blaster are a must-have for any fan of the Star Wars films. These replicas offer the same features as the original movie props.

Due to the level of accuracy and detail incorporated, each product has a unique serial number, personalised for your child. The toy has a barrel and stock, removable targeting sensors and a removable power pack cartridge.

Do you understand craftsmanship, or know of someone who wants to become the proud owner of one of these cool Star Wars items? Bring the stories of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and the Jedi Knights to life in your home. Check out the range of Toy Store movie memorabilia and brands available, and make the day extra special for yourself or for someone else.